New exhibitions


Born to sail

The exhibition tells the story of the families of Charlevoix schooner sailors in a photographic and animated video immersion. The central room of the Pavillon des Bâtisseurs becomes a viewing room with synchronized projections on three walls. A must-see!



Marie Clarisse 100th anniversary 

The exhibition celebrates the centenary of the emblematic sailing schooner Marie Clarisse, built in 1923, and revisits the great moments of its history through the touching testimony of its last captain, Gérard Belley.



Vues du fleuve

In the basement of the Pavillon Desgagnés, from June 17 to October 8 only, visitors will be able to admire the works of this contemporary art exhibition, presented by Loto-Québec and Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) under the supervision of guest curators Manon Barbeau and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette.



The little boats

The St. Lawrence River has always escorted sailors across the continent. The Museum presents some fifteen models of boats from all eras that have sailed the river.



Sailing Under Full Canvas

Sailing Under Full Canvas pays tribute to Captain Joseph-Arthur “à Zélada” Desgagnés (1903-1998). A native of the town who sailed for nearly 60 years, Captain Desgagnés was alive during the golden age of sail-powered and motor schooners. The exhibition showcases objects that belonged to the captain, as well as several paintings created after he retired from coasting. Photo credit: Pierre Roche 


Ropework Ahead

Presented in a former lighthouse, Ropework Ahead is a small exhibition that teaches about the various parts of the rigging on sail-powered schooners’: their use, their function and the most common types of fibres used.