A deep history

To add to your experience, you will walk aboard four boats in dry dock and experience traveling to another era.

"Smack the sails, smell the aroma of the wood, explore the quarters of the crew and touch the captain's wheel to discover the life of the sailors."

Please note that due to the construction of shelters to protect the schooners, they may not be allowed to visit at certain times of the season. The tugboat will remain accessible at all times.


Built in 1923, the schooner Marie Clarisse sailed until 2014. In 1978, the schooner became a recognized "heritage property" of Quebec. This 40 meter vessel experienced many storms and lulls during its travels.

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As the last evolutionary type of flat-bottomed vessel in use on the St. Lawrence River, the schooner Saint-André dates from 1956 and has been classified as a "heritage property" of Quebec since 1978.


As one of the last schooners to navigate the coasts of the St. Lawrence, the Jean-Yvan (1958), is the second-to-last schooner built in Quebec. It is the last surviving example designed with a pointed stern.


Built in 1951, the Feu-Follet is a keeled schooner constructed at the shipyard of Saint-Laurent on Île d'Orléans.


A tugboat designed in 1923, Felicia reveals its secrets from the engine room to the wheelhouse, passing through the crew quarters and the communications room.